14 Jan 2020

A new spin on the tried and tested

In the winter season, cold temperatures and dry air from heating systems can cause real problems for skin. The Nordmann laboratory can offer just the thing: its newly-formulated Protective Cold Cream.

Cold cream was invented in the 2nd centuryby the Greek doctor Galen. His early cream
consisted of beeswax, water and olive oil. This original formula has been changed many
times since its original inception; the new Nordmann formulation, for instance, contains synthetic rather than real, natural beeswax.

Modernized Skin Care

Synthetic beeswax is a blend of different waxes that provide the same characteristics as the natural material, e.g. stabilizing creams and promoting the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Another popular advantage of synthetic beeswax is that it is plant-based and therefore fully in line with the modern consumer trend toward vegan products.
The Nordmann Protective Cold Cream formulation also includes shea butter for its moisturizing effects, Lipex PreAct™ as an anti-inflammatory agent and Bioecto™, which protects DNA from UV light, repairs damaged cells and delivers additional moisture. This winter, Nordmann lab’s Protective Cold Cream provides a full service package for skin care.