14 Jan 2020

Global player with clear targets

Nordmann News spoke with Markus Grulich, Global Sales Director Monomers at Nordmann, about the characteristics, challenges, trends and future potential of the monomers industry.

Markus Grulich, Global Sales Director
Monomers at Nordmann, is optimistic about
the future.

What is different about the monomers business?
The Monomers division is special because our product portfolio is not specifically geared towards one industry. Typical applications for monomers range from use in paints and varnishes, adhesives and PVC modifiers to the formulation of dental products, engine block sealing for the automotive industry and more.

What does your product portfolio look like?
We currently have a very broad portfolio of methacrylate chemicals that includes  commodities such as methyl methacrylate as well as truly unique monomers. In addition to methacrylates, we offer acrylates and some specialty monomers as well. Our global sourcing setup allows us to respond very specifically to the needs of our customers.

What role does Nordmann subsidiary Melrob play?
The acquisition of Melrob Group Holdings Ltd. in 2017 is what brought monomers into Nordmann’s portfolio in the first place. This was accompanied by the exclusive pan-European distribution agreement with Evonik for its methacrylate monomers, which are supplied today through Röhm GmbH and Evonik Ressource Efficiency GmbH. Together with Melrob under the Nordmann brand, our division can now offer customers the best possible service as part of a unified team. Having the overseas branch offices in North America and Asia means our Monomers division is also a global player.

What challenges does the monomers industry have to face?
On top of constantly shifting global economic situations, the regulatory requirements for our customers’ products – and also consequently for Nordmann’s monomers portfolio – change regularly. We move with these changes by constantly looking for ways to expand our portfolio.
A further challenge is the need to reduce costs and complexity for both customers and suppliers. As a distributor, we see ourselves as both a link and service provider that helps both partners achieve their goals in the best possible way.

What trends are emerging now in the industry?
It looks like the demand for methacrylates will continue to grow steadily in the future, and that it will even increase at an above-average rate for specialty methacrylates. With our portfolio, we’re in a great position to support these trends.

What are Nordmann’s objectives with regard to the monomers business?
Thanks to our extensive portfolio and internationality, we have a very strong foundation for the Monomers division and its further development. We also have two clear goals for the future: to continue expanding our range as well as our global presence. By working together with key suppliers, we can make sure we live up to our claim of being one of the world’s leading distributors for these product groups.

"Our global sourcing setup allows us to respond very specifically to the needs of our customers."

Markus Grulich, Global Sales Director Monomers at Nordmann