25 May 2020

SYN-GLOW™ for radiant skin

Nordmann's partner DSM has launched a new product that promotes a summery glow all year round.

We all love that sun-kissed look that we get from a summer holiday, and having lightly bronzed skin makes us appear healthier and revitalized. Sadly, our suntans tend to fade away all too quickly when we return to our everyday lives, and until now, prolonging a summer glow would normally mean resorting to self-tanning products. However, these only offer short-term solutions that never look as natural as the real thing.

Summer skin in any season

This is where SYN-GLOW™, the new peptide from DSM, comes in – a powerful agonist for the melanocortin-1 receptor (MC1R), which controls skin tanning, reduces oxidative stress and promotes DNA repair. SYN-GLOW™ works in and also with the skin to bring out the skin’s own natural radiance, and color develops according to the skin’s own natural tone. The result is skin that looks as healthy and fresh all year round as it does just after a holiday in the sun.

Test results show SYN-GLOW™ promotes a fresher and more vibrant appearance

The exceptional effectiveness of SYN-GLOW™ was demonstrated in an in-vivo study that involved 29 volunteers as test subjects. Findings showed that the DSM product produced a consistently visible, healthier-looking complexion within five days. 100% of consumers who tested the product confirmed that their skin looked fresher and more vital, and more than 80% of them reported that they would use products containing SYN-GLOW™ again.